It looks like it might be raining at my field, should I cancel the game?

Jeff Kurzner
10-14-2013 01:46

Given the relatively limited number of play dates available to the league, it is important to try and play all games according to the schedule whenever possible.  Obviously we want our kids to play in a safe environment, but given the large travel distances, it is important not to cancel games too early.  We do want to give as much advance notice to traveling teams, but we dont want to assume just because it is raining now that the game wont be playable a few hours later.  Therefore the league has adopted the following guidelines with regard to weather-threatened games.

Rainout Policy

a) Coaches are not authorized to call off a game due to weather or field conditions. The job of determining field suitability for play falls upon the referee. However, if a parks department or field director has closed the field, a referee is not allowed to overrule that decision. (In other words, wait for the referee if the parks department has not cancelled.)

b) If threatening weather is expected or at hand, coaches should contact the field director to make sure the fields are not closed. They should also make sure to have contact numbers for the opposing coach, the assignor, and the referees if possible in order to make notification should conditions change.

c) Time Frames. Since teams may be traveling large distances in inclement weather, the following deadlines will be observed in notifying of game cancellations due to field CLOSURE.

· Teams traveling less than 60 Miles -- No game may be called off more than 2 hours prior to it's scheduled start time

· Teams traveling between 61 - 120 Miles -- No game may be called off more than 3 hours prior to it's scheduled start time

· Teams traveling more than 120 Miles -- No game may be called off more than 4 hours prior to it's scheduled start time

d) Referee Payments. If the referee or field director has ruled the game to be a rainout prior to the game starting, each referee should be paid $5 by each team.  Only referees that actually traveled to the field for the first game of their assignment at that location are eligible for the travel fee.  Some clubs have assigning contracts that require full payment to referees.  Should you be the visiting team at such a club, you are not required to pay any more than the $5.00/per referee rainout fee.  However, if you are requesting a schedule change (i.e. asking the referees to wait past the normal start time) you may be required to commit to full referee fees even if the game is not able to be played.  The league will not interfere in such matters unless the change is the result of a restriction that was known prior to scheduling and unaccounted for. 

e) Both coaches should report the rainout to their respective Club Reps and attempt to work out a make-up day and time. If a new make up day and time has not been arranged within one-week of play, the league may set a date as per the rules.

In the case where failure to follow the above policy has occurred and penalties result, mileage determinations will be made between each Club's registered address as submitted on the SFUYSA Club Information form. Please use this information as a guide. The information is intended to avoid the premature cancellations of games and loss of potential goodwill amongst the participants. 

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