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02-07-2018 19:54
Score & Performance Reporting:
Hi. My team key Biscayne 2004 premier is missing 6 points from the standing we play agains Boca game #5458 we won forfeits and agains toros game # 5473 we won 7 -1 and is not showing in the standing. Plz somebody can help me to understand what happens.? I'll appreciate it. Thx . Marcelo Rivero Coach key Biscayne soccer club. 2004 premier
07-19-2018 02:38
Karla borge
Score & Performance Reporting:
How do I find the 2017-18 season results for girls soccer for division 1 & 2.
08-16-2018 18:40
Challenge League:
I had 2 boys within the same club and both passed the tryouts in May and made the roster. However, one child and his team decided to move to another club. The current club retaliated against the remaining child and expelled him from his team. Is there an ethics committee for this organization or can they do as they please? They operate under a license of a city and they don't really care as long as they get paid. Please adivse