does our team get GotSoccer points for being in the SFUYSA league?

FAQ Administrator
11-16-2017 22:13

South Florida United does not offer GotSoccer points for league play.  Furthermore, it is the position of the Club's Directors of Coaching that focusing on rankings and GotSoccer points runs contrary to the proper development of players. Does it really matter if a U9 team is ranked #1 in the nation?  No.  Coaches need to be able to put players in game situations where they can learn and develop their game without being concerned about winning points.  Doing so would dissuade coaches from trying players in new positions and instead force them to focus on winning to score points.  Players should be allowed to try and fail in order to learn and not focus on who is ranked higher.  Some of our most successful clubs in terms of player development have never won a league championship.


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