I cant print game rosters on an Apple Mac computer.

Jeff Kurzner
09-17-2013 18:37

The Apple Mac line of computers doesn't get along well with Adobe pdf products.  In most cases users trying to print game rosters will be prompted to download an asp file when selecting and printing game rosters, registration forms and substitution cards.  In some cases the easiest fix is to download and install the OmniWeb browser and use it to access the SFUYSA.com site for printing these types of forms.  

A second option would be to try the following fix:

Viewing PDF Previews

Sometimes, when the preview of your application or recommendation is opened, the words may appear jumbled, or there might be black "smudges" throughout your document.  Sometimes the preview might even appear blank.  This is the result of a compatibility issue with our preview files and certain computers.

To fix this issue if you are using a Macintosh Computer:

·         You may be prompted to save the file after you click the preview button.

·         A box should pop up showing the file you wish to save as an ASP file. (For example “preview.ASP”)

·         Save this file to your desktop as a PDF file by changing “preview.ASP” to “preview.PDF”.

·         If you are not given an option to save this file as a .PDF, just proceed to download the .ASP file to your desktop and rename the file to .PDF.

Note: Once the preview is saved to your desktop, please make sure you open it with Adobe Reader, which is free to download if you do not have it.  For instructions on downloading Adobe reader, click here.

To fix this issue if you are using a PC:

·         Refresh the preview page.  Reloading the image should allow it to render fully. 

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