What is a Guest Player? Does this mean I can have players from other clubs on my team?

Jeff Kurzner
10-14-2013 02:37

SFUYSA has a slightly different meaning for the term guest player as opposed to other competitions.  In South Florida United, teams are only allowed to have players that are registered to their clubs.  There is no inter-club guest playing. The term guest player in SFU is used to identify a player that is not on the SFU Team Registration form for the team he is participating for.  

In SFU the coach or club rep creates a team of players using players from their club.  Those players may be registered to a variety of different team codes with the State Association (FYSA), but as far as the league is concerned, those players are on the team for which they are SFU registered to.  This is called the primary registration in SFU.  Guest players are those players that are not on the SFU primary team.

The use of “Guest” players during the season is allowed in South Florida United games.  Teams may have age-appropriate guest players during the seasonal year, but NO GUEST PLAY will be allowed in any playoffs. Coaches may use any age appropriate players in their games as a means of promoting player development.  However; there are several important restrictions that MUST be followed. 


1)            The maximum number of guest players allowed per team, per game is five (5) for 11v11, three (3) for 8 v 8 and two (2) for 6 v 6.

2)            No player may play on more than one SFUYSA team on the same day.

3)            Guest players are players not on the SFUYSA Team Registration Form for the team they wish to guest play for.  They MUST however, be on a SFUYSA Team Registration form (SFU-registered) whose code must appear on the game roster under the guest play column. Primary SFU-registration will be determined solely using the SFU Team Registration Form submitted at the appropriate Roster Freeze Date for the event and not by the pass carried by the player.

4)            Guest players may only come from within your club. 

5)            Guest players may not play on a Division II team within their same age group if they are primarily SFU-registered to a Division I team in that age group.

6)            Players primarily SFU-registered to a team in their own age group, may guest play up to a team in a higher age group.

7)            Players that are SFU-registered to a team above their own age appropriate group, MAY NOT guest play down to a SFU team registered at a lower age group.

8)            Guest players MUST appear as guest players on the game roster.


As with using players not registered to your team, playing inappropriate guest players carries the same types of sanctions as would be found in playing an illegal player.  Be VERY careful in your use of guest players!



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