What is the league policy on games that cannot be played? How do I cancel a game?

Jeff Kurzner
01-30-2014 20:51

League Policy

All SFUYSA games must be played and Coaches cannot agree to cancel a game.  Playing a game does not mean showing up and paying the referees.  Showing up means attempting to play with a roster, referee fees and the minimum number of players required for that level of competition (i.e. 7 players one of which is a goal keeper for U13+)

Failing to play a league game is a $200 fine plus the cost of any referee fees. At the coaches meeting the league stressed the importance of NOT postponing games to the end of the season because it might be difficult to play all the games. Just because there was a rainout three weeks ago and neither team can now find a time to play does not excuse the fine for failing to play the game.  All U11+ Regular Season games must be complete by Sunday February 2nd or a $200 fine per game will be levied to the club.

EXCEPTIONS:  There are some exceptions to having to play a game; however, they must be approved by the league. In the case where a game gets rained out on the LAST weekend of the season and there is insufficient time to reschedule it, the game may be cancelled by the league. Please understand that ANY Cancelled game does NOT count toward red card service.  If there is a game that has not been rescheduled from a weekend prior to the last weekend of the season and it cannot be played during the last weekend, teams will be fined $200.  However, if neither team is in playoff contention, the game may be played with league approval the following weekend and would avoid the $200 fine. 

In other cases, an exception to the February 2nd deadline may be approved for teams that are in playoff contention if the game can be played prior to the Tuesday February 4th scoring deadline.  Please contact the appropriate divisional VP for approval.

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