This past Memorial Day I had the pleasure of watching my daughters team in Disney. I noticed that rules that seemed applicable years ago are no longer valid, or respected, and thought it should be considered for future decisions within our Youth Soccer organization.

Years ago, a player that played 2nd division, and was good enough to play, or even guest play at the Div 1 level, was considered “not eligible” to play back down at the 2nd division level. Is this correct? If not, can this be something to be considered? In other words, although the player was registered for 2nd division, in the event that she plays for her clubs div 1 team, the player should not be brought back down to the 2nd division level, since that isn’t his or her legitimate level of play. (Clubs may register their players, even if talented, to Div 2 teams and use them to support their div I teams. Possibly there can be a limit of games they can play at the div 1 level, which will make them a div 1 player only?)

The same is occurring with teams at tournaments. Div I teams are playing Div 1 throughout the league, even playing State Cups and then register for Div II at tournaments in order to win and receive recognition.

Additionally, teams that are div 2 will bring in Div 1 guest players to tournaments, for their Div 2 teams.

How can this be controlled?

FAQ Administrator
07-08-2016 16:15

To my knowledge, there is no restriction on the use of Div 1 players on Div 2 teams and vice-versa with the exception of the FYSA Coaches Code of ethics. The same goes for Div 1 teams playing Division 2. However; event and league organizers can create rules to combat this when coaches fail to do so. SFU has some restrictions on this in place, but they are pretty much after-the-fact and only when we find an egregious violation. With so many paid coaches and parents with expectations of stardom, the focus on winning has increased above development. The coaches that “get it” understand that tournaments and league competitions are just a means toward developing the skillset of players. Usually it’s the parents that are the problem looking for cocktail party conversation. I can’t tell you the number of parents that complain about the league’s refusal to award GotSoccer points because we collectively feel it is bad for the sport.

The bottom line is that coaches are responsible for placing the proper players in the proper level based upon the all the factors involved. In some cases they do so with the intention of winning-at-all-costs and in others it’s about development.

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