The referee on our game today looked two years younger than the players. Doesn't the league have assigning guidelines?

Jeff Kurzner
10-14-2013 14:39

Referee Assigning Guidelines:
SFUYSA strives to have the best available referees in its games.  We have the highest average payment structure and most challenging and entertaining games for referees.  Assignors MUST attempt to put the best available crews into SFUYSA games while balancing the need to recruit and provide experience to younger and less experienced officials.  The following guidelines must be followed in assigning SFUYSA games.  Failure to follow these guidelines will subject the club to a potential loss of home games and/or fines.


1.    All Assignors must be certified and properly registered with VP Referees of SFUYSA with all contact information (online SFUYSA Club Information)

2.    Assignors must save Assignments during the year and when requested will have 48 hours to send in requested assignments.

3.    All referees must be FYSA/FSR certified and listed on Referee list on FYSA/FSR website.

4.    All game referees must be age appropriate to age of players. (i.e. a 12 year old is not necessarily proper on sidelines of a 14 year old game.)

5.    At least one of the referees MUST be 5 years older than age group or a Grade 7 or above level referee.

6.    Center referees must have at least 90 days experience from date of original certification.

7.    For Early Season and Regular Season U15+ games, center referee must be Grade 7 and above or have a minimum of 1 year experience.

8.    Any failure to comply will be considered an improper assignments and "CLUB" will be fined $25.00 per occurrence. Determination of impropriety to be considered by Red Card committee. Consistent failure to comply could result in loss of home games and fines.

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