My son played the first part of the 2015-2016 season with INTER. But in November he left the team mainly because it is too far away. Now he would like to play the season-end (March-June) with another team. We asked Inter by emails and text messages to please issue a RELEASE. But no answer was ever received. CAN HE PLAY WITHOUT THE RELEASE?

FAQ Administrator
07-08-2016 16:11

No.  In fact, even with a release the league does not allow a player to play for two different clubs within the same season unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Moving to a different part of the State would be one reason.  Lack of playing time is not typically recognized as a reason.  However, if the departing club wishes them to participate with the competitor and writes an email to that fact, the league will not typically stand in the way.

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