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07-08-2016 15:44

SFUYSA will offer individual age group divisions for both boys and girls in U13 to U19/20 ages in both Premier and Non-Premier designations.  Premier teams are those that are truly the top teams in the age group and are expected to play at the State Cup level.  Non-Premier designations will be grouped accordingly and most likely will choose later on which season-ending competition best suits their ability.  Due to the change in registration from seasonal year to birth year, US Youth is combining the 1997 and 1998 (U19 and U20) age groups into a combined division.  There will not be a separate U20 division.  Depending upon the number and distribution of teams declared; additional ages may be combined into the U19/20 group.  (i.e. U18 if there are insufficient teams for a stand-alone division)

The Complete Six Game Season is typically for those teams that are participating in other leagues (i.e. R3PL or FSPL) and also wishing to play additional games. Or, perhaps they are a tournament-only team which also wants to be able to play in State Cup, but doesn’t want the restrictions of a league schedule.  Typically the Complete Six Game Season is for Division 1 teams and since there are rarely more than one division per age group, be careful in declaring your teams into this division if you do not intend to play in State Cup.  Games in this division are spread out over a six month period and the responsibility of scheduling the actual play date and location is up to the two teams.

Declarations for Regular Season begin on September 1st and will be the same as last year, except that we will include the birth year to assist you in knowing the proper age group. We anticipate individual age divisions for all levels of competition in all ages U9 to U19/20.  In cases where ages are combined for competitive balance, the more restricted division will be used for playing rules.  Coaches must pay STRICT attention to registering and rostering players to make sure they comply with all the rules of the respective division.  This is very important in divisions with U11 and younger players.

Declaration Issues for SFUYSA Team Codes
With the change to birth-year registration comes an inevitable change to the standard team codes used in SFUYSA.  Although we are not 100% sure yet what FYSA will be doing with team codes, the most logical replacement is to change from using the 4digit combine years code (9900) to using a just a four digit year code. (1999, etc.)  Thus, please use the following codes when declaring your teams
Three-digit club code, four-digit year code, Gender code, Competitive or Rec Code, and one digit team designator.
For example

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