Hello. Today our game only one referee showed up and the game was cancelled. Is it a forfeit of the home team? If not, what's the procedure, does the game get rescheduled?

Thank you.

Jeff Kurzner
01-23-2014 16:07

The league policy on this situation is as follows.

In the case of a single referee showing up to do a game, that would be allowed with two club linesman. However, if either teams feels that based upon the level of play and the experience of the referee that it would be best to have the game officiated with three referees, the game will be rescheduled.  The new game would be moved to the opponents park and the team that failed to provide three referees would be responsible for paying ALL referee fees in the rescheduled game.  

5)      It would not be a forfeit for failing to provide referees unless it occurs on the last day of the season.

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